Rutas simultanéas

DV, 10min, VO esp., de-en ST, 2008/2010
Poem: Teresa Delgado, Film: Jakob Kirchheim

„Rutas simultáneas“ (simultaneous roundtrip) is treating two superimposed journeys by autobus between Madrid and Valencia, using animated linoprints. The film transmits the apprehension of a crisis, the sellout of landscape and the abandonment of old industries and rural life. The figure of „El Zorro“, appearing in the bus-television, is integrated in the perception of desertification. The images are advancing in direction Madrid-Valencia. At the stopover a poem by Teresa Delgado with impressions of the same route, but in contrary direction, is to be heard. Perceptions of landscapes and city-periphery are crossing.

Selected screenings:
Preview: 3. Festival de Videopoesía, Buenos Aires, Nov. 2008
Premiere: Lichtblick-Kino Berlin, 28. 2. 2010
„Typemotion – type as image in motion“, ZKM Karlsruhe, 11/2013 – 3/2014