Buenos Aires polipoetical – B. A. polipoético


DV, 35min, 2005, esp/de OV, de/esp ST
Collaboration: Teresa Delgado and Silvana Franzetti
Camera, editing, production and subtitles: Jakob Kirchheim

During walks and meetings in Buenos Aires we encountered various poetic approaches: i. E. a poem by Juan Gelman, painted on a column at a motorway bridge, located at the excavation site of the former center of detention „Club Atlético“ or a machine for the production of videopoems by Javier Robledo at „IMPA“, an aluminium factory and cultural center, managed by the workers. We visited a film school and an exhibition dedicated to Julio Cortázar. Daniel Helder tells us about a poets convention in Colombia. For this film Silvana Franzetti wrote and spoke her poem „Cables“.
„B. A. polipoético“ shows different poetic approaches and their intersection with traces of political occurrences.
The film was recorded during a journey in the frame of the city-partnership „Buenos Aires — Berlin“ in September 2004.

Premiere and poetry-talk: poesiefestival berlin 2005
Friday, 24. June 2005, 18:30 h – The poem and its place: Buenos Aires/Berlin
Silvana Franzetti, Jakob Kirchheim, moderation: Teresa Delgado
HAU 2  Hallesches Ufer 32  Berlin