Second-Hand Princess

Filmstill: Second-Hand Princess

35mm, 15min, 1992
Script and co-direction: Teresa Delgado
Shot and edited at Trickatelier Wilk
Music: Michael Hornstein
Funded by FKT, Berlin
„La princesa de la segunda mano“
versión en castellano, 35mm, 15min, 1992

Catalogue of the Int. Filmfestival, Berlin 1992:
Lisa, a small-time dealer, moves among a world of fences and outlaws. A long time ago her father had her hand chopped off, packed and sent away — customary practice for a gentleman. Lisa stole it back and … A fairy-tale thriller using 750 animated watercolors.

Int. Filmfestival Berlinale, Berlin, 1992
Imagfic Festival Madrid, 1992
Muestra de cortometrajes, Ateneo Madrid, 1992
Festival de cortometrajes, Elche, 1992
Filmfestival Potsdam, 1992
Cinevideo Karlsruhe, 1992
Internationales Trickfilmfestival Stuttgart, 1994
Festimad, Madrid, 1996
„La noche de Berlín“, Cine Bellas Artes, Madrid, 2000