Cardboard animation, Super-8/DV, 4min, 1988/2009

Premiere within the programme „Red: meaning & impact“, curated by Deborah Phillips, Feb. 2009 at Directors Lounge, Berlin.

„In Madrid (2009) by Jakob Kirchheim, the city is re-imagined with the use of mixed-media, collage and film. Shot with Super 8 and set to a wild, rumbling city drum beat, the film could easily have been included in an abstract expressionist exhibit. It has more in common with action painters like de Kooning, Kline and Motherwell than with most Super 8 filmmakers. Here red is a central part of the vibrancy of city life. Red, along with its primary siblings yellow and blue, mix and mingle with the figures that dot the imaginary landscape of the film creating a chaotic, textural canvas.“
Sabrina Small