White Africa

Super-8/Video, Master: Beta SP, 25min, 1999
Soundtrack with french, english, german and arabic voices
Music: Rainer Viertlböck

"White Africa" deals with historical layers of African-European colonial history in the form of an artistic documentary collage and links this shared history with recent political events and the media perception of the African continent.

English text about "White Africa"

"White Africa" has been screened as work in progress in different runtimes
among others at these occasions:
Strategies of approach, conference by the Goethe Forum, Munich, 10/2003
15. Instantsvidéo, Manosque, France, 11/2002
Schnittstelle Druckgrafik, Landshut, 5/2000
2. Biennale Holzhausen, Ammersee, 9/1999
4. Ethnofilmfestival, Ethnological Museum, Berlin, 6/1999
Gallerytour, Shift e.V., Berlin, 3/1999
Afrikahaus, Berlin with "Free Africa!" by Martin Baer, 2/1999
Long night of museums, Ethnological Museum, Berlin, 1/1999
Atelier Mauler, Berlin 11/1998
"...und ab die Post" - Festival, Berlin, 5/1998
What is a image, how is it generated?,  Galerie Dagmar Behringer, Gauting, 3/1998